EE to launch 4G in Northern Ireland  header image

People in Northern Ireland will be able to access 4G broadband services on their mobile devices in the New Year, following a major rollout from telecoms provider EE.

A £24 million investment from the firm is expected to offer improved mobile internet access to 94 per cent of the population.

Given the rural nature of the country, technologies such as 4G and satellite broadband are especially useful in ensuring that the majority of its residents can access the web through a reliable and fast connection.

Enterprise minister Arlene Foster stressed the government's commitment to providing a strong digital infrastructure for economic growth.

"Consumers and businesses will also benefit from EE's major 2G and 3G network investment and upgrade plans," Ms Foster noted, adding that Northern Ireland is one of the first countries to utilise this technology.

The Guardian recently reported that Omagh in Northern Ireland is the UK's worst-connected town.

Posted by Justin MzKenzie