Nine in ten millennials stream TV and films header image

Streaming video content online is growing in popularity with every passing year and as with most web-based innovations, it's young people who are embracing the trend most wholeheartedly. 

According to new research from Sony subsidiaries Crackle and PlayStation, 90 per cent of the millennial generation - people aged between 18 and 34 - watch TV and films in this way. 

Although this study was based on the viewing habits of individuals in the US, it is still of interest, as streaming is becoming increasingly common in the UK and parts of Europe. 

Overall, it was revealed 83 per cent of people stream TV or films at home, which is up from 74 per cent when the same survey was carried out last year, CNET reports.

The survey found more than six in ten people stream video content on a weekly basis, which is up from only 44 per cent 12 months ago. Among millennials the figure has increased 20 percentage points to 72 per cent.

Eric Berger, Sony Pictures Television executive vice-president of digital networks and general manager of Crackle, stated: "This isn't early adopters or young people anymore. It really seems to be crossing over into mainstream."

While streaming is increasingly popular, this is not yet at the expense of live TV. The survey found 67 per cent of respondents still see live programming as their first go-to option when looking to watch a TV show or film, although the number of people that primarily choose to stream has grown to 45 per cent.

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