Broadband problems in Bute and Herefordshire  header image

Broadband problems remain commonplace in the UK and the latest communities to complain of connectivity issues are in Bute and Herefordshire. 

In the former, the subject was recently discussed at a community meeting in which it was revealed that BT's plans to bring super-fast broadband to the Scottish island by 2016 means a community project that may have improved connectivity for some areas sooner has been scrapped.

Local resident David Brown told local newspaper The Buteman: "It would appear we’ve been sort of gazumped by BT’s announcement talking about 2016.

"Business, revenue and employment opportunities are being lost all the time, and ‘jam tomorrow’ just isn’t good enough."

Stuart Robertson, director of Digital Highlands and Islands, which is BT’s public sector partner in its Scottish rollout, said the aim of the project is not to bring improved connectivity to those regions where it is currently poorest.

"Left to their own devices, BT would not be bringing super-fast broadband to Bute or much else of the Highlands and Islands," he stated.

Mr Robertson added that the project is focused on "getting as much super-fast broadband as possible for a given amount of money", rather than bring better internet access to people who currently struggle to get online.

Elsewhere, it has been reported that the Herefordshire village of Pudleston has been without broadband for six weeks.

According to the Hereford Times, a number of people living in the area have been unable to get online in this period, despite still being charged for the service.

Local resident Janet Village told the newspaper the lack of connectivity has caused problems for her son, who is currently unemployed and relies on the internet to look for jobs.

Plusnet, which provides Ms Villages' broadband, said it has provided a refund for the time spent without internet access and sent her a dongle to use until the problem is resolved.