Housing estate 'without broadband for six months' header image

A housing estate in Devon has been left without broadband access for six months. 

Residents of Redrow’s College Park moved into the new development in March but still have no connectivity, the North Devon Journal reports. 

Vicky Christley, who moved to the estate in July, has written to local MP Geoffrey Cox on the issue. 

"I think it’s ridiculous that in this day and age, a remote Island in Scilly is able to get broadband, yet a new housing estate in Bideford cannot," she stated.

Ms Christley added that there are military families living on the estate and the lack of connectivity means it is not possible for them to stay in touch with one another via Skype.

Mr Cox told the newspaper he has been talking to BT in a bid to get the problem resolved. The latter has apologised for the situation and said it is working to provide connectivity as a matter of urgency.