Some Shropshire villages to miss out on better broadband despite super-fast rollout header image

Villages in Shropshire are set to be left without fast and reliable broadband despite the rollout of super-fast services in the county.

The Shropshire Star reports some 7,500 households are set to benefit from an upgraded service this year, but a significant number will still miss out.

Andy Boddington, councillor for Ludlow North, stressed the importance of improved connectivity being available throughout the region.

"We all rely on broadband for business, education and entertainment. In the near future, we are also likely to rely on the internet for healthcare," he told the newspaper.

Patrick Cosgrove, spokesman for Shropshire and Marches Campaign for Better Broadband, echoed these concerns.

He warned that some of the people expecting to benefit from the super-fast rollout will "actually get very little".

Mr Cosgrove called on Shropshire Council to make sure they get the second phase of the project "right". A decision is due to be made on this at some point during the Autumn.