Basingstoke residents unhappy about broadband poles header image

Residents of Basingstoke have expressed their unhappiness with the erection of broadband poles as part of a project to improve connectivity in the area.

The masts have been erected in a part of the town close to Hackwood Road, with Sky aiming to use them to bring faster connection speeds to nearby homes.

However, local residents feel the poles are unsightly and have expressed concerns they will be left behind when the trial ends, the Basingstoke Gazette reports.

A survey about the erection of the masts was also carried out by borough councillor Ron Hussey and county councillor Brian Gurden. It found many residents were unhappy they were not consulted about the plans first.

"The overall complaint is not anti-broadband pilot; it is not anti-Sky - it is very clearly anti-telegraph poles," the councillors said in a statement to Sky.

One of the advantages of satellite broadband is that it does not require the construction of infrastructure such as masts and needs only the installation of a small satellite dish and modem.