Calvin Harris first UK artist to reach 1bn Spotify streams header image

Calvin Harris has become the first British musician to reach one billion streams on Spotify.

According to Music Week, the DJ has generated more than £4 million through his songs being listened to the on the platform and this is further evidence of how popular streaming music over the internet is becoming in the UK and beyond.

His track Summer is the most listened to on Spotify, having been streamed 160 million times and is one of the four number-one singles the artist has achieved in the UK.

Harris has been named the highest-paid DJ in the world, with Forbes recently revealing he has earned $66 million (£40 million) over the past 12 months.

Mark Terry, co-president of Harris' record label Columbia Records UK, stated: "This is a landmark achievement for Calvin and deserved recognition that he is in the elite tier of global artists. His recent level of success has been extraordinary and something that all of us here at Columbia are very proud to be part of."

Steve Savoca, Spotify's vice-president of content and distribution, added: "We would like to congratulate Calvin Harris on reaching the huge milestone of a billion streams."

In May, Spotify revealed it had more than 40 million subscribers across the world, with around ten million of these paying to use the service.

At that point, Eminem was revealed as the most listened to artist on the platform, while Rihanna was the most popular female musician.

In June, Jacob Herbst, director of digital sales and business development for Sony Music in Sweden, claimed streaming services such as Spotify would become even more popular in the UK if a greater number of people had access to fast and reliable broadband services.

He told BBC Newsbeat this is one of the main reasons why the technology is so popular in Sweden and said it will really "take off" in Britain should connectivity be improved.

A demonstration of how important streaming has already become is the fact it now counts towards the official UK charts.