Basingstoke residents suffering from poor broadband  header image

A Basingstoke community have been let down by their broadband provider as the service is poor quality and there are no current improvement plans in place.

According to, residents of Everest Park have been left to suffer with internet speeds limited at 3Mbps by BT - a far cry from the average of 17.8Mb the rest of the UK enjoys.

Oliver Colenso, a member of the affected community, told the website: “Our broadband is slower than it should be in this day and age. It works but the slow speeds make it frustrating to use, especially when I’m trying to work from home”.

Unfortunately for Everest Park, it falls outside of Hampshire County Council’s planned superfast broadband rollout, being covered by BT’s commercial catchment area.

Although the firm promised upgrades would happen at the start of 2014, these claims have yet to materialise. This has motivated Mr Colenso to start a campaign to encourage BT to bring fibre optic broadband to the community. 

The local council is aware of the issue and local councillor David Potter has vowed to discuss the situation during a meeting with the residents. 

A spokesperson for Openreach told that Everest Park is not currently included in any rollout plans.