Queensferry 'living in the Dark Ages due to slow broadband' header image

Living in Queensferry has been likened to the Dark Ages due to the lack of fast broadband. 

Local businessman Alistair Pryde, of Words and Pictures Photography, has claimed Edinburgh Council needs to do more to resolve this issue.

He told the Linlithgow Gazette: "It's like living in the Dark Ages here. Sometimes when I have to transfer files to clients I have to leave the internet on all night to send them."

Edinburgh West MP Mike Crockart told the newspaper the money currently available to Queensferry businesses through the UK government's Super-Connected Cities project is not enough to improve connectivity in the town.

Firms can receive up to £3,000 through the scheme, but Mr Crockart said the actual cost is more like £8,000. He said he is unhappy that more funding has been given to other areas.

"It is unacceptable that cash earmarked to provide support is being diverted to other local authority areas when businesses in rural parts of west Edinburgh are still left with a connection unfit for the 21st century," the MP stated.

Mr Crockart added he wants to see local businesses benefit from the Super Connected Cities programme in Edinburgh and claimed the government should consider increasing the maximum amount that can be awarded through the scheme.

This issue is further evidence of the broadband problems that are affecting both businesses and the general public across much of Scotland.

The high number of people living in rural and remote areas is a major contributing factor to the situation, with fibre optic technology not available in many of these areas, meaning some residents are turning towards alternative means of connectivity such as satellite broadband.

Broadband in the nation has now become a political issue, with the Scottish National Party claiming it would do more to improve internet access should the country split from the rest of the UK.

Scottish residents will take to the polls to vote on independence on September 18th.