Slow broadband at Wrexham Industrial Estate branded 'ludicrous' header image

Businesses based on Wrexham Industrial Estate are unhappy with their lack of fast broadband.

The estate, which is one of the largest in Europe and home to businesses with a combined workforce of around 7,000, has been overlooked by the government's super-fast rollout, according to one resident.

Richard Colgate, general manager at manufacturer Unimaq, told the BBC slow broadband has been a concern on the estate for several years and claimed the situation is "ludicrous".

"In a modern business in this day and age it is completely unacceptable," he stated.

The issue is due to be discussed by Wrexham Council today (September 3rd), while deputy skills and technology minister Ken Skates has pledged to find a resolution as soon as possible.

Broadband problems are not uncommon in Wales, where the large number of people and businesses based in rural and remote areas means a reliable connection is not always easy to come by.