Scilly suffers broadband slowdown header image

Residents of St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly have been hit by a broadband slowdown.

According to Scilly Today, the cause of the problem is not yet known, but it is having a significant impact on local people and businesses.

One resident, Melvin Roberts of Porthloo, told the news provider his service has fallen from its usual speed of six Mbps to less than one Mbps. 

Meanwhile, Clifford Freeman St Mary’s Hall Hotel said the slowdown has made it difficult to even send emails.

Some local residents have suggested the problem may have been caused by tourists placing more strain on the island's network by bringing connected devices such as iPads on holiday with them. However, the slowdown remains an issue even late at night, when internet use is likely to be low.

Those people who have called BT about the problem claim to have been told there is no fault for the company to investigate. Scilly Today said it has contacted BT regarding the issue, but has not yet received a response from the company.