Wells broadband omission 'is galling' header image

A local businesswoman has hit out at the lack of super-fast broadband in Wales.

It has not yet been made clear when and if the city will benefit from the rollout of faster connectivity to Devon and Somerset.

Judith Ludovino, a member of the Wells Chamber of Commerce, told the Wells Journal she thinks BT and the local authorities behind the project are "taking the easy options" first rather than focusing on the needs of businesses and residents.

"It is galling that dozens of villages and hamlets in rural Devon have fibre optic connections yet large swathes of Wells … are not seen as a priority," she stated.

Ms Ludovino said a lack of connectivity will make it difficult to attract businesses to the city, as this would be the equivalent of giving up a colour television to revert to a black-and-white set.

James Heappey, prospective MP for Wells, told the newspaper he does not think local people care about the technology used to improve internet access - be it fibre optic, satellite broadband or 4G - so long as they can enjoy a faster service at a reasonable price.