Northern Ireland 'a nation of gadget lovers' header image

The people of Northern Ireland are readily adopting digital technology, according to recent research from Ofcom.

A survey from the telecoms watchdog found tablet ownership in the nation has now reached 45 per cent, while the figure for smartphones stands at 55 per cent. 

Social media is also highly popular in Northern Ireland, with 58 per cent of internet users accessing sites like Facebook and Twitter via their connection.

Some 68 per cent of people said they have used the web to buy goods or services, which is up from 60 per cent last year.

Ofcom also found the typical person in Northern Ireland spends eight hours and 29 minutes of each day consuming media, only just short of the amount of time they spend sleeping.

Two hours and 14 minutes of this media time is spent communicating, be it through web-based services like email and instant messaging or phone calls and text messages.