Online shopping 'can be good for high street' header image

Online shopping is increasingly popular in the UK, with more people using their broadband connections to purchase goods and services.

It is widely thought that the rise of ecommerce is playing a leading a role in the decline of the high street, but according to new research this is not necessarily the case.

A study carried out by SalesGossip found a large number of people use the web to browse for products before going to a high street store to actually make their purchase, Internet Retailing reports.

Some 63 per cent said they take this approach when buying clothing, while 64 per cent do the same for fashion and cosmetics items.

Elizabetta Camilleri, chief executive and co-founder of Sales Gossip, stated: "Ecommerce doesn't mean the death of the high street. Online and in-store together are much greater than the sum of their individual parts."

She added that it is ultimately factors such as convenience, location and type of product that will decide whether people choose to buy online or in-store.