Most Brits 'don't get the broadband speed they expect' header image

The majority of Britons do not receive the broadband speed they expected from their internet service provider (ISP).

This is according to the results of a survey of 1,377 people carried out by ISPreview. It found 67.5 per cent of people do not receive the connection speed first estimated by their provider, while the remaining 32.4 per cent claimed they do.

When asked how close their actual speed comes to that estimated by the ISP, 25 per cent of respondents said it is between seven and ten Mbps slower. Some 21 per cent stated the difference is between four and six Mbps, while 20 per cent revealed it is one to three Mbps slower. Just over six per cent of people said the difference is as much as ten Mbps or more.

Of the remainder, 15.9 per cent revealed the speed they receive is about right and 11.4 per cent claimed they actually get a faster service than expected.

ISPreview also asked respondents if they know how to check if super-fast broadband is available at their home. Some 94.7 per cent of people said yes, although this may not be reflective of the UK population as a whole as ISPreview readers are more likely to be informed on broadband issues.

The publication stressed that broadband performance will always be variable and ISPs cannot 100 per cent guarantee a specific speed will be achieved at all times. As a result, ISPs are legally obliged to provide their customers with an estimate of the speeds they are due to receive.

"Ideally we’d like to see consumers being given more protection against extreme losses of broadband performance, especially those that occur outside of the initial three months of a new contract," ISPreview stated.

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