Cheshire village residents 'furious at broadband omission'  header image

Residents of a Cheshire village are angry that they have been omitted from the rollout of super-fast broadband in the region. 

Keith Beale, who lives in Chorlton near Crewe, stated: "We are furious that we have, once again, been overlooked by Cheshire East, Connecting Cheshire and BT when deciding who should get broadband."

He told the Crewe Chronicle this is particularly frustrating as the nearby Wychwood Park luxury housing estate is scheduled to receive an upgrade to super-fast services.

Mr Beale said some houses in Chorlton are literally just a few feet away from the expensive development, but are set to miss out on better broadband because they are on the "wrong side of the fence".

This issue was reported by last week, with a spokesperson from the Connecting Cheshire project telling the news provider this issue has arisen because the distance between telephone infrastructure and the affected homes in Chorlton is too great.