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The standard of broadband in London has come in for more criticism. 

A number of commentators have lamented the lack of connectivity in the capital in recent months and the latest of these is Mark Boleat, chairman of the policy and resources committee of the City of London.

Writing for City AM, he cited recent research from Ofcom that found internet access is now seen by many people as an essential utility and said this means solving the city's digital divide is a pressing issue.

Mr Boleat added the problem is particularly severe in the City of London area of the capital, which is also known as the Square Mile.

"It is a major concern that firms in the Square Mile regularly complain that BT fails to deliver in a timely manner and provide the level of service required, notably through its decision not to roll out super-fast broadband.

"Market failure of this kind is clearly unacceptable for a world-leading global financial centre, and highlights that poor connectivity is not just an issue affecting rural areas."

Mr Boleat claimed a lack of high-quality broadband is a constraint on London's growth. He said the country's connectivity as a whole compares unfavourably with nations in Scandinavia and Asia and expressed disappointment that the government's plans to roll out super-fast services to 95 per cent of the country are not expected to be complete until 2017.

The City expert concluded by warning London will be fall behind its rivals if its level of connectivity is not improved.

A lack of super-fast internet access has been highlighted as a problem in numerous areas of the capital in recent months, ranging from luxury housing developments to the Tech City region, which is home to some of the UK's top technological companies.

This is proof that even people living in the UK's most built-up urban areas are suffering with a lack of connectivity and should perhaps consider turning to alternatives if they want to make the most of the web.