London businesses reveal broadband woes header image

A trio of London businesses have revealed they are struggling to access a fast and reliable broadband service in the capital.

The Financial Times has highlighted the plight of the firms in an article focusing on the efforts to improve connectivity throughout the UK. 

One of the businesses' owners - Steve Lowy of digital marketing firm Umi - told the publication the company was forced to move from a location close to the BT Tower due the lack of super-fast availability.

The firm has relocated to the capital's Tech City area, but is still unable to receive a service of the necessary speed.

"Sometimes I will go around the corner to Starbucks to make a Skype call because it is easier to connect to their WiFi and the service is more reliable," Mr Lowy stated.

"We occasionally have afternoons where our internet grinds to a halt so some of our developers can’t do their job."

Another of the firms - advertising and communications company Deeper Blue - is suffering from similar problems.

Its founder Laurence Croneen said the organisation has an "unwritten rule" that any large downloads have to be carried out outside of working hours due to the lack of connectivity.

Meanwhile, appointments technology firm DrDoctor has had to resort to using an expensive 4G dongle to get the broadband speeds it needs.

Earlier this month, the quality of broadband in London's Tech City was branded a "joke" by Meg Hillier, Labour MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch. Speaking to the Islington Gazette she claimed the situation in the area is a "national embarrassment".

A petition to improve connectivity in Tech City has been launched, while Ms Hillier called on the prime minister to take action on the issue.

London businesses are not alone in their broadband struggles however, as many companies across the UK are suffering with the same issue. The problem is often most severe for those in rural areas.