Sheffield city centre to miss out on super-fast rollout header image

Sheffield city centre has not been included in a deal to bring super-fast broadband to South Yorkshire.

A £20 million scheme has been approved through the government's Broadband Delivery UK project, but central areas of Sheffield - the region's biggest city - will not benefit. 

The failure of the South Yorkshire Digital Region scheme is believed to be the reason behind this. 

Costing £160 million, the project aimed to bring super-fast broadband to the whole of South Yorkshire, but proved a massive disappointment after attracting very few subscribers and has now been closed down. 

Earlier this year, Jonathan Thornhill - director of local internet service provider ASK4 - told newspaper The Star that central Sheffield was likely to be overlooked in the super-fast rollout due to the fact it had already been served by Digital Region.

Those people in the area who were using super-fast services through the scheme will be forced to downgrade to a slower service when the project is closed down for good next month.