World Cup is Facebook's most talked about event header image

The ongoing World Cup is the most talked about event in Facebook's history. 

More than one billion posts, comments and likes have been made about the tournament in Brazil, according to Reuters.

With close to two weeks left to run, this means the World Cup will comfortably be the event that causes the most interactions in Facebook's history.

Nick Grudin, the social network's director of partnerships, stated: "People are having conversations on Facebook about what they watch in a really unprecedented scale."

Already, some 220 million have either posted, liked or commented on content relating to the World Cup on the site.

The first week of the tournament attracted more interactions than the 2014 Super Bowl, the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and the Academy Awards put together.

"This cup has been a catalysing cultural moment for people around the world," Mr Grudin stated.

Statistics such as these are further evidence of the role broadband is playing in how people watch the World Cup, with millions choosing to stream matches online.