EE tops Ofcom's broadband complaint report header image

EE was the UK's most complained-about major broadband provider in the first quarter of 2014.

Ofcom has released its latest quarterly report on this issue, which shows that for every 1,000 EE customers, 0.42 had cause for complaint between January and March.

It said these grievances were largely related to service faults, billing and issues to do with changing broadband provider.

The next most complained-about companies were BT and TalkTalk, which attracted 0.33 and 0.24 complaints per 1,000 customers respectively.

Sky and Virgin Media were the best performing providers, as they both attracted a number of grievances that were below the industry average of 0.18 per 1,000 customers. For Sky the figure stood at 0.09, while for Virgin Media it was 0.07.

Both of these organisations were the least complained-about companies in the final quarter of 2013 as well, although in that period BT attracted the most grievances with EE in second. 

Ofcom said the total number of telecoms and pay TV complaints increased slightly in the first quarter. 

Claudio Pollack, director of the watchdog's consumer group, stated: "Publishing complaints data is a key part of our work to provide useful comparative information for consumers, and drive improvements in quality of service across the communications sector.

"The report highlights the performance of providers relative to each other. This is valuable information that consumers may wish to consider alongside other factors such as price and availability, for example, when choosing a provider."

Broadband is an area that tends to attract a high level of complaints, with research from Ombudsman Services last year revealing 14 per cent of the 38 million grievances registered by Britons last year were about their internet connection.

Only the energy and retail sectors attracted more complaints than broadband, with both accounting for 17 per cent of the total respectively.

The Ombudsman Services report also revealed many people are using the web to submit their grievances, with 27 per cent of Britons having used social media to escalate a complaint.