UK broadband is 10th fastest in Europe header image

The UK has the tenth fastest broadband service in Europe, according to new research.

Akamai's State of the Internet Report for the first quarter of 2014 found the nation's average download speed in the period was 9.9 Mbps. This is an increase of five per cent on the previous quarter, but still leaves Britain behind nine other countries in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

The fastest connection in the area can be found in Switzerland where it reached 12.7 Mbps on average between January and April. In second was the Netherlands (12.4 Mbps), followed by Sweden (11.6 Mbps), the Czech Republic (11.2 Mbps) and Finland (10.7 Mbps). Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Norway completed the top nine.

On a global scale, the UK's broadband is the 15th fastest. Asian nations continue to lead the way when it comes to connection speeds, with South Korea (23.6 Mbps), Japan (13.6 Mbps) and Hong Kong (13.3 Mbps) making up the world's top three. 

Akamai also provided details of the peak connection speeds recorded in the first quarter. The UK's was 42.2 Mbps, which actually represents a drop of three per cent on the previous period. 

It ranks seventh in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on this front, with Israel coming in first with a peak of 57.6 Mbps. On a global scale, South Korea leads the way once more, with an impressive peak connection speed of 68.5 Mbps. 

Another thing measured in the State of the Internet Report is the percentage of connections within a country that exceed ten Mbps. Some 32 per cent of the UK's connections pass this threshold, meaning it ranks eighth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 13th in the world overall.

Unsurprisingly, South Korea is once again the leading nation, with more than three-quarters (77 per cent) of its connections faster than ten Mbps. Japan is some way behind in second with 54 per cent.