Slough business 'has not had broadband upgrade since 2006' header image

A Slough-based businessman has complained that the area in which his company is based has not received a broadband upgrade for eight years. 

Steve Wright, commercial director of electronic and payment consultancy ebpSource, told the Financial Times the Slough Trading Estate still has the same connection speeds as when the organisation moved there in 2006.

At present, broadband speeds on the estate only reach a maximum of eight Mbps. "I think we've had the same speed of internet broadband access for the whole time," Mr Wright stated.

"By comparison, residential fibre broadband has been rolled out to many local exchanges in the Slough area," he added.

Mr Wright said the lack of connectivity means the company has even considered moving its operations outside of the UK to a country where better investment into super-fast infrastructure has been made.

Similar complaints were raised by the Federation of Small Businesses recently, with the organisation's national policy chairman Mike Cherry telling the Financial Times there is a big discrepancy between home and business broadband speeds.