Broadband 'the most important issue for small Devon and Somerset businesses' header image

Access to better broadband services is the most important issue facing small businesses in Devon and Somerset at present.

This is according to Tim Jones, chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Business Council, who said there has been a big increase in self employment in the counties recently, with much of this in rural communities.

He told Western Morning News: "This is probably the most important issue for micro, small and medium-sized businesses, almost above other infrastructure capacity."

Some companies in the region are set to benefit from the Connecting Devon and Somerset project, which aims to bring super-fast connections to 90 per cent of the counties. 

There are plans to increase this to 95 per cent, but this requires the area's local authorities to raise £22.75 million funding in order to match the government's contribution.

Whether this can be achieved remains to be seen, but businesses that need a faster service now, or are worried they will be in the five per cent that misses out, should consider alternatives like satellite broadband.