Politician wants clarity on digital by default for farmers header image

A politician has called for clarity on how farmers will be affected by the coalition's digital by default scheme.

The policy will see a number of government services become available online only and this means farmers may need to use the web to apply for Common Agricultural Policy funding.

This has raised concerns, as many farmers do not have access to a fast and reliable broadband service and it is feared they could miss out on the much-needed funding as a result.

Anne McIntosh, chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, said it has not been made clear whether farmers will only be available to submit their CAP applications online or not from 2015 onwards. 

"We need clarification, because we cannot have the minister saying one thing and the Rural Payments Agency saying another," she said in parliament on Monday (July 7th).

Ms Heaton claimed "intensive tuition" will be needed if farmers are going to have to use the web for their applications and the issue of broadband access for these individuals will also need to be resolved.