Commission to look into broadband should Scotland vote for independence header image

A new commission will be established to look into improving Scotland's broadband should the nation vote to split from the UK in September.

The Connectivity Commission would be set up after independence and would be tasked with considering how issues such as mobile and broadband coverage, transport and postal services can be bettered in the nation's rural areas.

Scotland's deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon stated: "Too often people who live outside urban areas are poorly served by the market and the UK government when it comes to services vital in the 21st century."

She claimed independence would remove some of the barriers currently obstructing efforts to improve rural connectivity.

The Scottish National Party has been a vocal critic over the UK government's attempts to boost broadband in the nation, claiming the coalition is "failing" on this issue.

Due the remote location of many of its communities, Scotland has some of the slowest broadband services throughout Britain.