Biggleswade campaigns for better broadband header image

A campaign is underway to bring faster broadband to Biggleswade. 

A petition has been launched calling for improved connectivity in the Bedfordshire town, after it was revealed some areas will have to wait until 2016 at the earliest to benefit from the government's super-fast rollout.

It has been started by Bernard Rix, a member of the town council, and will focus on the King's Reach development, local newspaper the Advertiser reports.

Mr Rix launched the petition after residents of the area told him their broadband connections were "snail-like".

He stated: "I made some representations and enquiries and it turned out that it was related to the location of the exchange boxes being too far away.

"I have been trying to make progress for six months but none has been made by the developer, BT or Central Bedfordshire Council."

Councillor Richard Wenham, deputy executive member of corporate resources at Central Bedfordshire Council, said the council will look at the petition at its August executive meeting and if the recommended number of signatures are collected it will consider providing additional funding for connectivity in King's Reach to be improved.

At present, parts of Biggleswade are expected to receive super-fast broadband via the government's rollout in 2016. However, other areas of the town are not scheduled to be included in the scheme, meaning they may only be guaranteed minimum connection speeds of two Mbps.

Another part of the UK that is campaigning for better broadband is Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland. The Conservative parliamentary candidate for the town Anne-Marie Trevelyan recently met with culture secretary Sajid Javid to discuss the issue, the Northumberland Gazette reports.

Ms Trevelyan spoke to the cabinet member regarding concerns the £650,000 awarded to Northumberland in the most recent round of government funding will not be enough to reach some of the most remote rural homes in the Berwick area.

The politician has been a prominent campaigner for better broadband in Northumberland for several years.