Superfast Leicestershire announces first phase of fibre rollout header image

After months of planning, Leicestershire County Council has named the communities that will be covered in the first phase of its fibre broadband rollout.

The Superfast Leicestershire scheme, which aims to bring high-speed connectivity to 94 per cent of homes and businesses in the county, will provide fibre lines to 10,000 properties this summer.

A further 52,000 should benefit by 2016, at which point the project will have cost local authorities, the government, the European Regional Development Fund and BT £18.6 million.

However, some commentators have expressed concern many homes and businesses will be overlooked by both the Superfast Leicestershire scheme and the government's £2.94 million Rural Community Broadband Fund.

Last week, Hallaton parish councillor Chris Kilby claimed 12 local villages were "in desperate need" of connectivity. He said technologies such as video conferencing were "becoming ever more important for businesses and the farming community".

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