Property developer promises broadband lines in all new homes header image

A UK property developer has pledged to provide fibre broadband connectivity in every new home it builds.

Berkeley Group made the promise as part of a ten-year business plan unveiled yesterday (June 9th), explaining that house-buyers now see high-speed internet as a necessity, not a nicety.

"These commitments are designed to lead and challenge the market. We need to make new housing so good it's a vote-winner," commented managing director Rob Perrins.

Berkeley's strategy will also bring the developer in line with EU targets that all properties built after December 31st 2016 should be 'broadband-ready'.

However, these efforts offer little assurance to residents in existing housing stock, particularly in rural areas, which may not be pencilled in for commercial or even government-funded broadband rollouts.

If you fall into this category and can't afford to continue living and working without high-speed internet, have you considered making the switch to satellite broadband?