Lancashire village campaigns for better broadband after superfast omission header image

Residents of a Lancashire village are to campaign for better broadband after being omitted from the project to bring superfast technology to the county.

Gisburn has not been included in the Superfast Lancashire scheme and people living in the area have now been encouraged to contact Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans to take up the issue on their behalf, the Lancashire Telegraph reports.

Village hall secretary David Walters told the newspaper: "We are a bit behind the times in Gisburn. The slow upload and download speeds are detrimental to the village's prosperity."

He added it is particularly important for the area's connectivity to be improved as the government has recently called for elderly people to develop better online skills if they are to have full access to public services.

Mr Walters also claimed there is a strong need for better broadband in Gibsurn for businesses as well as personal use.