Appeal for better broadband in south-east Leicestershire header image

A campaign has been started that will appeal for better broadband in an area of south-east Leicestershire.

This follows the release of information regarding the Superfast Leicestershire project, which shows around 3,800 properties in villages in the region stand to miss out on receiving an improved service.

People living in these areas have come to together to form the Welland Valley Broadband Group, which will campaign for better connectivity, the Northamptonshire Telegraph reports.

Currently, residents of the area are having to get by on speeds of just three Mbps, while some people's connections are as slow as 0.5 Mbps.

Martin Griffin, chairman of the group, told the newspaper: "Trying to run a business in Horninghold from home with current broadband speeds is impossible."

Slawston resident Sian To said the lack of connectivity is causing "unnecessary stress" for local people.

The Welland Valley Broadband Group wants to get as many people as possible to lobby the authorities on this issue.