Notts residents discuss 'amazing' lack of fast broadband header image

People living in Nottinghamshire have discussed the lack of reliable broadband in the county.

Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Arnold business owner Julia Bant said it is "amazing" that despite advances in modern technology she cannot access a fast connection even though she is only seven miles away from Nottingham.

The newspaper was speaking to Nottinghamshire residents in response to data from that revealed broadband speeds are well below average in some parts of the county. 

Indeed, a faster connection may soon be available on the moon, as scientists recently revealed they have developed technology capable of transmitting 19 Mbps to the lunar surface. 

Claire Maguire of West Bridgford told the newspaper: "It's amazing that the internet can be quicker on the moon."

"The internet is such a huge part of people's lives now, so there should be more work done to making sure everyone can access fast broadband."

According to the data, Nottingahmshire towns such as Retford, Southwell and Kirkby-in-Ashfield currently only receive connections with an average speed between eight Mbps and 11 Mbps, while the situation is even worse in rural areas.

Earlier this year, complied a list of the 50 UK streets with the slowest internet services. Two locations in the Nottinghamshire area made it on to the list - Lock Lane in Long Eaton and St Giles Way in Copwell Bishop.

These streets had speeds of just 1.97 Mbps and 1.99 Mbps respectively. However, the lack of connectivity here is a little way off that recorded in the country's slowest streets, where broadband typically reaches just 0.6 Mbps. 

This title was shared by Erw Fawr at  Henryd, Conwy, Wales and Wheatley Road at Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex.