Sheffield 'to be without super-fast broadband for years' header image

Sheffield city centre will be without affordable super-fast broadband for years due to the failure of the Digital Region network project, it has been claimed.

The scheme, which aimed to improve connectivity across South Yorkshire, was ordered to close last year after only 3,000 people subscribed, meaning it was running at a loss of £1 million per month. 

As a result, the director of a local internet service provider has warned Sheffield city centre is likely to be left behind when it comes to the web, local newspaper the Star reports.

Jonathan Thornhill of ASK4 stated: "Because Digital Region was in the city centre first, the other network providers went elsewhere. It's caused a big problem."

He forecast it will take three years for the gap caused by the scheme's failure to be filled.

The Digital Region network will officially be closed on August 14th and some of the people who had been using the service will be forced to revert to inferior ADSL services.