Cambridgeshire County Council given broadband spending warning header image

Cambridgeshire County Council's spending on the rollout of super-fast broadband has been branded "unsustainable", as the local authority looks to connect residents across the region. 

According to a report by the body's chief finance officer, more than £200 million is set to be spent on interest payments on money the council has borrowed between now and 2019. 

Reported by the Cambridge News, the data suggests the bill could rise to £44.8 million in the next five years, growing significantly from its current level of £34.1 million. 

Mr Maylon said this means that almost £1 in every £10 spent by the council will be used towards debt charges. For this reason, the official has claimed a cap on borrowing should be introduced to ensure the levels do not get too high. 

He stated that increasing borrowing and debt charges would be unaffordable, particularly at a time when some departments are struggling to cut costs.