Lancashire village has broadband issues header image

A village in Lancashire is suffering as a result of broadband disruption. 

Residents in Sabden have been affected by the problems, which have also impacted their phone service, for two weeks, the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times reports.

One homeowner in the village told the newspaper she has been receiving a poor level of connectivity for close to a year and a half. 

"It has been going on for a while. I have been getting crossed calls with other houses," the woman, who preferred not to be named, stated. 

Residents said they think the problems have been caused by a lack of phone lines coming into the village to support the increased number of properties that have been built. 

Local councillor Richard Newark revealed his service has been affected for ten days and claimed the absence of broadband is a "major problem".

Sabden is just one of the many rural settlements in the UK where finding a reliable broadband service can be difficult.