Borders village residents reveal broadband anger header image

Residents of a village in the Scottish Borders have expressed their anger at the broadband situation in the area.

The people of Denholm had a chance to air their grievances at a meeting with a government representative and senior BT figure last week, Hawick News reports.

Residents of the village are unhappy with the poor quality broadband services available in the area and are not expected to receive an improvement until 2017.

Local MSP John Lamont, who organised the meeting, stated: "Following this meeting BT can be left in no doubt about just how much anger has been caused by the internet service being provided in Denholm."

He added having access to fast and reliable broadband is "vital" for the village. Local resident Kevin Currie said he was not convinced by BT's representative at the meeting and is unhappy at paying "2014 prices" for a service that is outdated.

BT claimed it has fixed a number of faults following the discussion.