More than four million Brits now work from home, says TUC header image

A recent piece of research has revealed that a total of four million people in Britain now work from home on a regular basis.

The news has come off the back of the Trades Union Congress' (TUC) latest analysis, which was commissioned to mark national Work From Home Day and set up by Work Wise UK to promote the benefits of employees working from home.

According to the results, 62,000 more people made the decision to turn their home into their office during the course of last year.

TUC acquired its figures from data held by the Office for National Statistics, which showed that a total of 132,000 people have moved into homeworking over the last seven years - a shift that indicates an overall increase of ten per cent.

The organisation's general secretary Frances O'Grady explained that advances in technology and in particular online connectivity have been a major cause of the increase.

She explained: "Cheaper and quicker internet access has played a big factor in the growth of homeworking in recent years.

"Modern homeworking is good for the economy as it increases productivity, helps businesses hold on to talented staff and allows people with caring responsibilities or a disability to access the labour market."

Ms O'Grady went on to discuss some of the technological factors that have given UK firms more confidence in allowing their workers to carry out their job roles from home. One of these is the rise of faster broadband that gathered pace in the last few years.

Better connections mean some users are able to connect, download and stream content more quickly and easily, removing the hindrance of slow home internet preventing employees from keeping up to speed with their workload. Although some people in remote and rural areas still struggle for connectivity.

Some experts claim that working from home - or at least having the option to do so - is becoming more and more of an expectation for employees. With this in mind, it could be the case that the responsibility now lies with employers to ensure that workers have the facility wherever possible.