Broadband faster on the moon than parts of UK header image

It is possible to receive a faster broadband connection on the moon than in parts of the UK.

Last week, it was revealed US scientists had used satellite and laser technology to send internet connectivity to the moon.

It has now been announced that this provided a connection speed of just under 20 Mbps - the average UK speed reported by Ofcom earlier this year was only 17.8 Mbps. 

The figure is even lower in rural areas, where the telecoms watchdog said the typical speed reaches just 11.3 Mbps.

While these speeds are already inferior to those reportedly available on the moon, it has been suggested the reality may be even worse. 

Speaking when the figures were released in April, Dominic Baliszewski of Broadband Choices said the 17.8 Mbps average is likely inflated by the small number of fibre connections in use and claimed that for most people broadband rarely exceeds ten Mbps.