Twitter's user base to reach 400 million in four years header image

The number of people using Twitter across the world is set to reach 400 million by 2018.

This is according to a new report from eMarketer, which predicts this growth will largely be driven by increased use of the social network in emerging economies such as India and Indonesia. 

While 400 million is roughly equivalent to the population of the whole of western Europe, this figure is some way short of the one billion users Twitter was once expected to reach by 2018, Reuters reports. 

However, this still represents growth of more than ten per cent and demonstrates the social network is increasing in popularity. 

Social media is certainly ubiquitous in the UK, with 2013 research from Experian finding the average Briton spends a quarter of their total online time on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The global information services company said that for every hour a UK individual spends on the web, 13 minutes is devoted to social networks and forums.