UK has close to 23 million broadband subscribers header image

Close to 23 million people in the UK have subscribed to a broadband service, new research shows.

This is according to the Broadband Forum, which found there is a total of 22,782,100 people paying for broadband in the country - accounting for roughly 36 per cent of the population. 

Such a figure means the UK is ranked seventh out of the nations with the most broadband subscribers. 

China came in first, with over 192 million people paying for broadband. It was followed by the US (92 million) and Japan (35 million). 

In Europe, Germany came first (30 million) and was followed by France (24 million). Brazil (21 million), South Korea (18 million) and India (15 million) completed the top ten.

Overall, the Broadband Forum found there 678.6 million broadband subscribers worldwide, which represents an annual increase of more than six per cent.