Close to half of Europeans shop online regularly header image

Just under half of Europeans shop online on a regular basis.

This is according to new research from Forrester, which found 45 per cent of people on the continent often buy goods through the internet, news provider Internet Retailing reports.

The organisation claimed online shoppers tend to fall into several different categories.

Examples of this are online researchers, who look at items on the web before buying in store, and super shoppers, who regularly buy goods online across a wide range of digital channels such as PCs and mobile devices.

Forrester said the latter accounts for 15 per cent of online users and this group is particularly common in Italy. The organisation found the UK has the most "traditional" online shoppers.

A study commissioned by RetailMeNot last month predicted the average shopper in Britain will spend more than £1,000 online in 2014, which will be the first time this happened.