Lisburn councillor unhappy with local broadband header image

A councillor has hit out at the quality of broadband in the Lisburn area. 

Stephen Martin of the Alliance Party has claimed BT is delivering a service that is below what local politicians and residents expected.

Speaking to the Ulster Star, he said: "Residents and traders want to know why when setting up new connections they are having to jump through hoops, that connections are dropping out or running far below capacity."

Mr Martin said Lisburn County Council had asked for an urgent meeting with BT in which it will discuss the ways in which the authority feels the broadband provider has under-delivered.

He claimed the company has been contacted by the council on numerous occasions, but has so far failed to take any action to improve its service in the Ulster area. 

A BT spokesperson told the newspaper they are aware of the local authority's concerns and are trying to arrange a discussion on the issue.