More than one in ten Brits use Netflix header image

The number of Britons using their broadband connection to stream films and TV shows through Netflix has increased.

Research organisation Decipher has revealed some 14 per cent of people are now subscribed to the service, which is up from ten per cent six months ago.

Loyalty to Netflix has also increased with the number of users only committing to an initial free trial dropping from 39 per cent of total customers to 25 per cent. 

Decipher said the company is the largest provider of subscription-based video on demand services in the country.

Amazon Prime Instant Video - formerly Lovefilm - has seen its share of the market drop from eight per cent to six per cent over the past six months.

Director of Decipher Media Research Hamish McPharlin stated: "These findings really show that the battle for dominance in the video on demand space has reached fever pitch."