Norwich 'will be left behind without better broadband' header image

A Norwich MP has stressed the need for better broadband in the city. 

Chloe Smith, the MP for Norwich North, has written to new culture secretary Sajid Javid to discuss the issue, the Eastern Daily Press reports. 

"We can thrive with better broadband but we risk being left behind if we don’t have it," she stated.

Ms Smith said she aims to "hammer home" the importance of the issue with the culture secretary.

The need for better broadband in the city has been echoed by local business owner Josh Davies, who told the newspaper a higher level of connectivity would allow him to create more jobs.

He described the slow broadband currently available in Norwich as a "huge problem" and said his office of 20 people is working on a connection that is no faster than a slow home-broadband service.

Mr Davies claimed simply watching a video online can take four or five times as long as it should and there is often a delay in the company getting back to its customers.