Lack of information about Isle of Wight rollout header image

The Isle of Wight Council has failed to release sufficient information regarding the rollout of super-fast broadband.

This is according to news provider On the Wight, which claims it requested details about the project over two months ago. 

It has asked to see the contract that allows BT to roll out super-fast services on the island in order to check certain conditions have been met.

The news provider said the council has yet to release the contract, despite the law stating a Freedom of Information Request must be replied to within 20 days. 

"This is a major contract with over £3 million of council funds going to BT. Whether the conditions imposed at cabinet in September 2013 were included is of public interest," On the Wight stated.

Broadband on the Isle of Wight has proved a controversial subject, with the island's council struggling to come to decision about whether a contract should be granted to BT.

The company was eventually selected, although the decision only received a small majority of councillors' votes.