More than a third of people say their broadband is 'not fit for purpose' header image

A significant number of people do not believe their broadband connection is fit for purpose. 

This is according to a new Think Broadband survey, which found 35 per cent of respondents were unhappy with their service. 

The majority (62.4 per cent) of people said their connection is fit for purpose, while 0.9 per cent claimed they cannot access broadband at all.

Business broadband users and people who use the internet for both business and home use were also surveyed, with a noticeable difference in the results. 

Some 57.1 per cent of these respondents claimed their connection is not fit for purpose, while only 40.6 per cent said the opposite. Just over one per cent of the individuals polled in this survey claimed they cannot access broadband, while the same number revealed they do not know if their service is fit for purpose or not.

Think Broadband said it believes these results show the broadband needs of businesses are different to those of homeowners.

The organisation's research suggests many people are unhappy with their level of internet access and these individuals may benefit from considering alternative options like satellite broadband.

Its survey is not the first to reveal Britons are dissatisfied with their connectivity, as figures from Ofcom show 17 per cent of people were unhappy with their service in 2013 - this is up from the 12 per cent recorded in 2012. 

Meanwhile, research from Ombudsman Services has revealed a total of 38 million complaints were made regarding broadband last year. The internet accounted for well over one in ten (14 per cent) of the total complaints that were made throughout the country in 2013.

Some of the most common issues that cause broadband grievances are slow speeds, connection outages and a lack of coverage.