Slow broadband 'can knock a fifth off house prices' header image

The quality of a home's broadband connection can have a significant bearing on its value. 

This is according to new research from Rightmove, which has revealed poor quality internet access can knock as much as 20 per cent off a property's price.

Bernard Phillips, head of consumer platforms at the property search website, stated: "Broadband has become ingrained in people's lives and is an important factor when choosing a home."

Rightmove recently revealed it will be providing information about the broadband connection at the homes it advertises. The company had been trialling the feature and has decided to make it permanent after it proved popular with customers. 

People who look at a home on the site will be able to see the average connection speed in the area and what online activities that will allow for.

A survey carried out by Rightmove found the quality of broadband is seen as a more important factor than transport links and nearby schools when people are looking for a property.

While internet access is now a key consideration in determining the value of a home, many people across the UK are stuck with a slow and unreliable service.

This has been reflected by recent comments from the chief executive of Citizens Advice Gillian Guy, who has revealed the number of individuals seeking help on broadband issues has increased by 27 per cent since April 2013.

"A poor internet service can shut people out of contributing to the national economy and people living in rural areas can find unreliable internet a particular struggle," he stated.

One option such individuals can turn to is satellite broadband. This technology can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which is more than sufficient for popular online activities like working from home and streaming films or TV programmes.

Because the connection is provided by satellite, the same level of service is guaranteed anywhere, even in the most remote areas.