INCA launches broadband notspot registration scheme header image

The Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) has set up a new scheme that calls for people to register areas that are poorly served by major broadband companies.

It hopes to collect data on these 'notspots' so it can be used to encourage alternative service providers, such as Avonline, to bring better broadband to the parts of the UK left out of BT's super-fast rollout.

Indeed, INCA highlighted satellite broadband as one of the technologies that is well suited to providing a better level of internet access to these areas. 

David Cullen, the organisation's chair and a director of ITS Technology Group, stated: "The Notspot Registration Scheme will identify pockets of pent-up demand, helping private sector providers and local councils direct their efforts to best effect."

This is not the first time satellite broadband's potential has been recognised, as earlier this year the government highlighted it as an ideal means of improving connectivity in the final five per cent of hard-to-reach areas in the UK.