Surrey Lib Dems welcome broadband rollout header image

Councillor Hazel Watson, the Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition on Surrey County Council, has welcomed the news that the EU has given the UK's rural broadband plans the go-ahead.

Ms Watson claimed that the multi-million pound investment in Surrey will be well spent, ensuring that rural consumers and businesses are not afflicted by poor ADSL connections.

"Superfast broadband in Surrey will be a major stepping stone in allowing new businesses to start up and for existing businesses to grow," she argued.

She added another benefit of the planned roll out is that it will help enable mobile working across the county, improving the labour market and increasing opportunities for the unemployed.

Working from home could also help cut down on congestion on many of Surrey's busiest roads, concluded the Lib Dem councillor.

Some 98 per cent of Surrey is to be covered by superfast broadband by 2015 under existing schemes.

Posted by Mark Wynn