Broadband 'now considered a home essential' header image

Broadband access is increasingly being viewed as a basic essential for modern living, rather than an optional luxury, a new consumer study has revealed.

Carried out by Home Insurance, the survey of more than 2,000 Britons revealed that a good broadband connection is considered the sixth most crucial feature for a modern home, with 54 per cent naming it as their top priority.

More people considered broadband to be important than those prioritising a bath, local shops and amenities, friendly neighbours, cavity wall insulation or a garage. Welsh residents were particularly concerned about proper broadband access, with 65 per cent calling it a necessity.

This is indicative of the increasingly important role technology plays in day-to-day living, due to people's desire to interact on social media or shop online.

Ben Wilson, from Home Insurance, said: "Good internet access is now seen by many as the fourth utility, alongside mains gas, electricity and water."

This comes after a recent study from Rightmove revealed poor-quality internet access can knock as much as 20 per cent off a property's price - a fact that may lead more homes to invest in satellite broadband services.